Tiefling Paladin, Undisputed Leader of the Heroes


Age: 28 (Or Thereabouts)
Gender: Male
Height: 6’4"
Weight: 200 lbs
Size: Medium
Eyes: Gold
Hair: None
Skin: Grey

Appearance: Glowing gold eyes and sharp, intimidating teeth set into a heather grey face.

Deity: The Morrigan Goddess Of Battle (Formerly Belenus, God of Sun, Light, and Warmth)


The summoning of Azmodeus was thwarted by an adventuring group known as The Sun’s Hand. Legend states that one of their rank, a paladin known only as “Lightbringer” was granted the gift of angelic fervor by the celestials, and it was because of this that they were able to stave off the tides of evil and prevent the evil god from emerging into this realm. Unfortunately, the power was too much for his frail human form, and he perished, his spirit visbily leaving his body as the portal shattered. After the failed summoning of Asmodeus and the temporal displacement of the Tieflings, small nomadic sects formed within their ranks. The ruins of the portal are a forbidden site, as the evil magic that was done there desecrated the site.

Demondred comes from one of those sects, the Asmodian. The Asmodian have the strongest historical ties to the evil god, as they continued to worship him and plan for his arrival even after the failed summoning. Obviously, many years have passed since they openly worked towards such aims, but the historical taint still affects how they are seen by the outside world (think Germany/Nazis). As such, any mention of such history is a severely punishable offense. Only a few of this sect survive that know the full list of atrocities committed by the Asmodian. In addition, a small percentage of this sect go mad due to a particularly strong taint that has persisted in their bloodline.

One night, Demondred began hearing whispers, but they were unintelligible. As the weeks passed, and fearing that the blood corruption was laying claim to him, he journeyed into the desert to await his fate. He settled upon a cave with a nice view of the night sky and waited out the months, slowly descending into madness. It was here that he was overtaken by visions of a dark and sinister being, images that ate at what little soul he had and drove him into a trace-like state. One night, the whispers and pain became so bad that he lost consciousness.

When he regained consciousness, he was standing amongst rubble piles of dark black stone, an odd mist swirling about. All of a sudden, an unnaturally strong desert gust blew, working up more dust until it surrounded him. He covered his eyes to protect them from the harsh sands. When they settled, a lithe black creature stood in front of him, peering at him with blood red eyes.
“Come to me, child…” the creature beckoned. Unable to resist, he began shuffling towards the apparition, all personal will drained from his too-tired mind. As he approached, it raised its clawed hand and placed it upon his heart.

And then it happened. Warmth, warmth like he had never experienced flooded him, filling every orifice with searing flame. He screamed in agony, eyes shooting open and expelling founts of golden light. The creature shrieked and leapt back, hissing. The burning continued, becoming more intense over what seemed like hours, but was seconds in reality. He faded in and out of consciousness, bright flashes of light piercing the jet black of night.

Somewhere in the void that was his mind, he heard a new voice… a different voice. “Arise…” He opened his eyes to a being made entirely of brilliant light, staring down at him with a puzzled look on his face. “This is rather curious…” the being said. Demondred let out a raspy, “Wha-….?”

“You have been chosen to take up my mantle… as Lightbringer.”


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