The Children of Shadows

Long ago in the time of the First Men were peerless druids that probed the secrets of reality. In doing so they walked the path of godhood and incurred the jealousy of the Creators which unleashed the Fomor unto the world as punishment for their arrogance. The druids were known as the Tuatha de Danann and they did battle with their envious Creators while the Fomor swarmed over the land destroying the empires of the First Men.

After the Creators had been thrown from the heavens, the Tuatha de Danann took their place as the gods of this land and for thousands of years the peoples of this world have known peace from the Fomor and have forgotten the horrors once wrought upon the world. Now someone is collecting the Books of Power and stealing magic users by the hundreds, could this be the return of the Fomor, or something even worse…

Children in the Shadows

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